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All of Creation Worships God

All of Creation Worships God

Scripture: Psalm 148

I had the chance to go to a Chris Tomlin Christian concert the other day.  Many Christians were there and we all sang songs to our God and the King of Kings, Jesus the Christ.  It gave me a small hint of what our praise and worship will be in heaven.  It was great.

During the middle of the concert, Lou Giglio gave a devotion.  He read Psalm 148, the whole chapter.  Psalm 148 starts out by saying “Praise the Lord.” We can understand how the angels praise God or the heavenly hosts but this Psalm says so much more. It states that the sun, moon, stars, waters, sea creatures, lightening, hail, snow, clouds, winds, mountains, hills, fruit trees, cedars, wild animals, cattle, wild animals, and flying birds praise the Lord!  These items are actively praising the Lord day and night.  In verses 11 and 12, the psalmist finally gets to us by saying “kings, of the earth and all nations, you princes and all rulers on the earth, young men and women, old men and children.” NIV praise the Lord.

The psalmist includes everyone and everything.  Nothing in creation is left out.  All are commanded to praise the Lord.  So how can this be?  How can all of creation praise the Lord?  How can the sun, moon, stars or hills praise the Lord?  I have an idea.

We hear sound waves from 20 hz to 20 khz, but God hears all of the electromagnetic spectrum.  I believe God knows every molecule in every part of His creation and I believe they all sing to Him.  If we think of what is taught in chemistry, all molecules put off electromagnetic  waves in theory.  I think God hears all of His creation singing to Him.  This is what Mr. Giglio was taking about in his devotion.  He showed pulsating stars that were emitting pulses so many times a second.  Lou used the stars as a percussion section. Then we listened to the sounds of whales.  When they were added to the percussion, they became a musical fill.  Finally, he added our voices.  He put together all these sounds together and it was a modern day song with 4/4 timing.

The greatest blessing that I recieved from that evening was knowing this.  Out of all the sounds that God hears from His creation, He wants to hear my voice too.  He wants to hear praises from my lips.  He wants to hear me say, “I love you God” and all the accolades that God deserves.  We serve an awesome God.  Let’s praise His name forever.