Our Relationships

Scripture: Mark 12:31 “The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’  NIV

One of the greatest blessing we have in this life is relationships.  I was recently studying  about the Apostle Paul’s time while in prison.  While reading through Corinthians and Thessalonians I realized that  relationships were important to him.  He wrote to churches encouraging relationships   He wrote about relationships he had and we read of his urge to have some of the relationships visit him during his time  in jail.  Paul understood the importance of relationships and tried to relay this essential message to others; Love one another.

It got me thinking about where I would be if God hadn’t put certain people in my life.    As a matter of fact, EVERYONE that God has put in my life has made an important difference on me, one way or another.  Countless people to this very day provide me with some sort of assistance to make me a better individual.  So as you establish a relationship today, let it be meaningful.  When its all said and done, and we are on our death bed, there are two things that are gonna matter: The relationships you have with friends and family, and the relationship you have with God.

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